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Association updates 1st July 2022

Here are the updates for 1st July 2022.


VK4/CA-146 renamed to Baga
VK4/SE-002 elevation tweak


AM now Bill, N0DNF. Thanks for taking this role Bill and thanks to outgoing AM Scott, K7ZO.


Another AM change. Ryan, WG4I, is taking over from Kevin, K4KPK. Many thanks both.

LUV – Argentina – Rio Negro

This is a new association with 397 summits. Jaime, LU1VEL, is the AM. Thanks for your patience as we’ve been a long time working on this one.


We have some small updates to DL.
Firstly there are some minor tweaks:

  • DL/BE-039 – small position adjustment
  • DL/MF-033 – name corrected
  • DL/WS-026 – elevation corrected

Then we have a few validity updates

  • DL/BG-054 – retired as P < 100m
  • DL/WS-021 – retired as P < 100m
  • DL/MF-073 retired and replaced with reactivated higher neighbour, DL/MF-072


We conclude with another AM change. Pierre, VE2PID, is handing over to Éric,
VA2EO. Thanks to both of you.

I have been warned by Andy that he came back home to a massive backlog of work emails and he might not quite get through all the updates right away.



It took longer than expected as I had been away on holiday and had a huge amount of work to catch up with as well as VHF FD and these updates. However, all of them are in place now apart from one AM change.

Thanks to all the outgoing AMs and RMs and hello to the people taking over. Also the new association LUV is now online. You could activate and chase the summits since 1st July but you could not alert, spot or log them. You can do that now.