Association Updates 1st February 2023

Here is the list of updates for 2023-02-01.

F/PE-391 , Plan de Roques

Summit retired due to low prominence.

I/PM-053, Monte Jafferau

Summit position corrected.

EA5 Summit Names

Summit names, mostly within EA5/AT, were adjusted.


Four new summits were found to qualify:

  • HB/BE-176, Wildi Frau
  • HB/BE-177, Alplistock
  • HB/BE-178, Hürnberg
  • HB/GR-383, Crast’ Agüzza

There were a few other position / elevation / name adjustments.


  • SP/BS-023 , Kamień – position changed (the move is > 500 m, but within its AZ)
  • SP/BZ-023 , Wierch nad Kamieniem, retired and replaced with…
  • SP/BZ-085, Czarci Kamień

OK Winter Bonus

A while ago there were database corrections for application of the OK winter bonus but somehow a few slipped through. These should now all be correct.


  • W5A/OZ-002 , Hare Mountain, was repositioned with a lower elevation and found to have low prominence. It has been retired and replaced with…
  • W5A/OZ-012, Whiting Mountain

If you didn’t receive bonus points for an OK activation and you should have then the database should correct your score. It should do this the next time you enter any activation. If it doesn’t then contact me at andy.mm0fmf AT (you know what to do) and I’ll pull some levers and push some buttons.

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