Association updates 1st December 2023


The HB team have made a large update.

  • Multilingual summit naming regularized.
  • Many position and elevation corrections.
  • Two retired summits are reinstated.
  • One new summit is added.
  • Arthur, HB9CEV, assumes the RM role for all regions.


  • OE/KT-336 is now OE/SB-462
  • Some positions and elevations were adjusted
  • OE/ST-266 reactivated
  • OE/OO-083, OE/ST-120, OE/ST-358 and OE/ST-482 retired
  • Several new summits including higher replacements for the above


VE2/LR-002 has a new name: “Pic Johannsen”


Our newest association:

  • Argentina - Tucumán

There are two regions with a total of 88 summits.
Many thanks to Sebastian, LU1KAH, for taking on the AM role.


I envy the managers. Korea’s managers have not updated their position for 10 years since the 2013 update. Even the wrong placement on the sea has not modified its position. It is compared to Korea’s managers, who have delayed the opening of a mountain even though there are many changes such as the height, location, and name of the top of the mountain.


We will fix the positions for these HL/JN summits that are misplaced. But in the meantime the following have been suspended.


As soon as we have a fix they’ll be made valid again.


I know the correct coordinates for the Sota registration point below.
The exact coordinates found by visiting and measuring in person or by looking at the map are as follows.
HL/JN-192 => Lat [N º] 35.31448, Long [E º] 126.39843
HL/JN-287 => Lat [N º] 35.26769, Long [E º] 126.52251
HL/JN-305 => Lat [N º] 35.34645, Long [E º] 126.45404
HL/JN-321 => Lat [N º] 35.31479, Long [E º] 126.44634
HL/JN-331 => Lat [N º] 35.28498, Long [E º] 126.43287
HL/JN-347 => Lat [N º] 35.21369, Long [E º] 126.32494
HL/JN-351 => Lat [N º] 35.23679, Long [E º] 126.41048
I hope it will be corrected as soon as possible.

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Thanks for the input Jiho. It shouldn’t be too long till those positions can be checked.

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I asked SOTA Korea Manager to correct coordinate errors for several years, but they have not yet corrected them.
The SOTA registration points below are also representative ones that need to be corrected by incorrectly raising the coordinates at the time of initial registration.
The correct coordinates are as follows.
HL/CB-089 => Lat [N º] 36.69152, Long [E º] 127.83464
HL/GB-233 => Lat [N º] 37.51530, Long [E º] 130.82724
HL/GN-040 => Lat [N º] 34.99224, Long [E º] 127.87048
HL/GN-139 => Lat [N º] 35.59228, Long [E º] 128.08207
HL/GN-170 => Lat [N º] 35.33500, Long [E º] 128.90997
HL/GN-182 => Lat [N º] 34.95862, Long [E º] 127.86641
HL/GW-093 => Lat [N º] 37.42772, Long [E º] 128.45268
These are the coordinate points that have an error of more than 1km and up to 100km, and the hundreds of coordinates that I checked during the field visit also have errors, so they need to be corrected. Currently, the menagerie in Korea is very busy, so it is expected that it will take decades more for the correction to take place. I hope the British main association will review the correction as soon as possible.

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