Association updates 1st August 2023

Sorry for the lack of update news recently. There were just a few bits and bobs, some of which has ended up not coming through until this month.


We made some final updates to Valle d’Aosta. The last update was all good, except I’d not spotted one more summit swap (a really short jump). This is I/VA-147, which replaces I/VA-026. Additionally we had a few elevation corrections to feed in for older summits and some naming updates.


We have a large set of adjustments to JA associations. There are a lot of name updates, some positions changes and a few retiring / new summits.

SM update

This is a large update, principally in central / northern Sweden. We have:

  • 25 retirements
  • 2 restorations of retired summits
  • 666 new summits (8 of which are nearby replacements for retirees)
  • Numerous adjustments to elevations, positions, names

This map shows just the new summits:

Map created with acknowledgement to original work by OSM.

As you can see we’ve not quite finished. There is another big chunk (about as many again) to process in the Norrbotten region. Stephen, SA3IEI, and I hope to get through this over the next few months.



Also one new OH summit – OH/KU-056, Valtavaara.


Thanks for the additions and updates Simon @G4TJC & Stephen @SA3IEI. It’s great to see more countries and summits being added, but it does mean we all need even more holiday allowances from work to visit them! :wink:

73, Simon


Ha! Well I switched to working 2 days a week and still found 3 days off + 2 weekend days was not enough to do what I wanted. Then I was “persuaded” to do some full time working as there was an “insurmountable opportunity” at work and I’m being paid in extra days holiday. However soon I will have more days holiday to take than there are days left working :frowning: I think I’ve been had !

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Did you never learn the word “No”?

I think he has lived in Scotland long enough that, when offered money, “no” is not in the vocabulary.

Women say that to me all the time!

And we found a few that were missed due to some fat-finger trouble by myself. Name changes and one retirement JA/WK-056. They’ll get pushed to the live DB later tonight.

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In the LZ association there are quite a few peaks that need updating (about 25). What needs to be done to correct the DB?

Please coordinate through your AM, @LZ1YAG , and we can check.

……. it means „maybe” :wink:

73, Jarek

No, it means no.


Andy, Thank you for DB update. I checked all and found one that is JA6/KM102 Valid from date. It was oringinally 1st Oct 2016 but wrongly registered as 1st Sept 2020. It is not at all important as validity started already but better to resume back to original valid date.


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Well as it has not been activated then the absolute start date is not important any more. It is active now if someone wants to activate it and if someone did activate it in the past and needs to register an old activation then we can solve that problem should it happens. This way nobody needs to do anything, an option I always like. :slight_smile:

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