Association updates 1st April 2023

Quite a high summit count this month, but let’s start with a few little tweaks:


F/AB-442 renamed “Roc de Four Magnin”


Name found for ZL1/WK-169 — Tirohia
ZL1/BP-166 retired, P < 150m


New summits:

  • I/PM-700 – Monte Granero
  • I/PM-701 – Pelvo d’Elva


We have dropped the SOTA unofficial names for unnamed summits.


A tiny elevation difference has caused a swap between two refs:

  • DM/HE-137 is retired
  • DM/HE-138 comes back out of retirement

(If DM/HE-138 gets really popular maybe you’ll wear it down enough to swap back!)

Now the bigger ones:


This is a really big update to the listing for Portugal. The changes are too numerous to list here, with many tweaks and name updates. 12 retirements are more than made up for by 49 new refs. Big thanks to the CT team for their work on this.


The VE2 team have been working hard on the northern part of the province. There were so many candidates that we had to split up some of the original regions into six new ones. Many thanks to Éric, Pierre and Sylvain. There’s a net gain of nearly 1500 summits.


One summit I removed from VE2 was its high point, finding that the true summit is just over the provincial border into Labrador (as its high point). The Quebec side is Mont D’Iberville but just a few metres up from there is Mount Caubvick, which now takes the ref VO2/TM-001.

Loren, VO1OE, AM for VO1 (the other half of the province) has agreed to step in as caretaker AM for VO2. Of course VO2 is actually rather mountainous with very many summits which would qualify for listing. So I’d be very happy if we could find volunteers (VO2 especially) to assist with checking my candidate summits against mapping and to take over the AM / RM roles.



i could help Loren VO1OE for the VO2 region mapping should he require assistance, or volunteer for the AM/RM role should there be a need.

Many thanks, 73


Thank you Sly. Any help will be much appreciated. It’s nominally about 2100 summits need to look at.

Ideally we need some help from Labrador itself too, for local knowledge.


Late Additions — VKH and VKM

These two bits of Australian territory take the VK0 prefix and we had intended to group them as a single association. However, it turns out Heard and McDonald Islands count as Africa. As we can’t easily have associations spanning continents we have split these out as separate associations.

Please note that McDonald Island is a rather active volcano and the current disposition looks very different to maps of 30 years ago. Do please let us know if anybody visiting can quote a more accurate location for the high point than we have from Copernicus data in case it changed already.

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Of course, i can take the interim in the meantime until someone from VO2 steps up, I am already RM on the Quebec side of the border. My suggestion is that unless someone from VO1/VO2 region wants to do it, i could coord the efforts. Should the VO1 AM want to take the lead, i’ll help him, just let me know the details,

Many thanks,

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Many thanks to you Simon @G4TJC for coaching us ,Sly @VA2YZX who did a huge part of this work and of course Pierre @VE2PID who also worked a lot on this project and guided me in sharing generously his experience as former VE2 AM.

73, Eric VA2EO


This is the new VE2 summits image after latest update…
Background colors refer to watersheds and subdivisions of some of them where made later for density reasons.

73 de VE2PID