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Association Updates 1st April 2022

Here are this month’s changes to SOTA listings.


  • We have a few new names (PY1/RJ-035, PY1/RS-098, PY1/RS-128 and PY1/RS-125)
  • PY1/RJ-131, Morro do Sapecado is new
  • PY1/RS-142, Pico dos Vândalos is new, replacing its neighbour, PY1/RS-025, Pedra do Tridente


Thanks to incoming and outgoing AMs for HB. Jens, HB9EKO, is taking over from Juerg, HB9BIN. Also Guido, HB9TNF, has taken responsibility for the HB/SG region, as sadly Fred, HB9AAQ, is SK.


  • ZL3/CB-570 now named “Lyndon Lump”
  • Unretired ZL3/FL-839


  • DM/HE-066, position tweaked and now “Hoher Dörnberg”


  • VK4/CH-058 was replaced by VK4/CH-155, Lords Table Mtn at the true summit.
  • VK4/SD-027 to VK4/SD-049 are new
  • VK4/SE-001, elevation corrected and renamed to “Mt Barney (East Peak)”
  • VK4/SE-119 to VK4/SE-180 are new


  • Added Michael, KN6EZE, as Assistant AM
  • Eric, AD6VT, becomes the RM for W6/WH
  • W6/WH winter bonus fixed (now the same as the other winter bonus regions)