Association Reference Manuals links???

I can’t find the links for downloading the Association Reference Manuals (ARM). Can anyone point me to the right location?

Hi Hans,

Most associations have them linked on their association page. Taiwan seems to not have that information:
SOTA Summits

But I guess as Taiwan is a fairly new association the general SOTA rules will apply. What information are you looking for?

73 Joe

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Cheers, Joe. Nothing special in mind, just beginning with SOTA and was wondering what info it contained.

I know the guy that organized all the SOTA information for Taiwan. How can he get it up there if there is an ARM for Taiwan?

73 --Hans

The summit page list Huawei Su, BX2AI as association manager. So that would be a start.
But I guess someone from the management team will come up with a link soon.

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Sure! I already mailed BX2AI and he’ll come back to me. It’s the end of Chinese New Year, so everybody is preparing to go back to work right now. “So be patient, Hans,” I said to myself.

You can start here:
General rules

Activator guide

Overview video:
Summits on the Air (SOTA) Presentation - YouTube

So a bit to bridge the gap


The BV ARM still has to be written, so guess who has gotten the task to do that now?

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The ARM is normally linked from the page found under here:
where XXX is the association code.
eg. “SOTA Summits” (this is the VK2 ARM link, the reflector software has removed the URL details and replaced it with the page title).
In my case I submitted the ARM document to the MT summits team.

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SOTA home on the drop down menu of SOTA Links at the top of Sotawatch gets you to “Welcome to Summits on the Air.” This is a compendium of information including links to the various SOTA facilities. In the list of Associations if you click on an Association you get a page with the list of regions and a link to the ARM at the top of the page. There is also a page giving you the means to contact the MT and its individual members if you have queries not covered in our FAQs.

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Except that link is MISSING on the BV association page.

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All is good, no more confusion.

Yes, I was looking at the BV page and there is indeed no link to the ARM, me thinking it must be somewhere else. But I was looking for something that doesn’t exist because there is no ARM for BV, yet. I know BX2AI, the BV manager, and have already contacted him and he asked me if I could write one. I do have the time, so there will be one in the near future.

Is there a template/empty ARM the MT can send me so I don’t have to reinvent the wheel?



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Does this not render the association invalid? The General Rules (section 3.2.3) require the ARM to be produced as part of the procedure for creating an association. Specifically:

“When both the Summit List and the Association Reference Manual has been accepted by the Management Team, the Association is said to be Incorporated. It is included in the SOTA Database for scoring and record keeping and also the SOTA website on SOTAwatch.”

It is as much part of the rules as the prominence requirement much discussed…


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No, because there was some history at the time as to why the ARM wasn’t written that I won’t go into here for privacy reasons that the MT accepted at the time.

That aspect of the rules was written when submitting an ARM was the way you submitted summits. That is no longer the case, and the vast majority of the ARM contents are in the summit list submission format that is required.

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The rule makers have the power to change the rules. I would have thought it would be better to do that rather than ignoring the ones that have become outdated and inconvenient.


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While I agree with you in general, the specific requirements in this case warranted an exception. But it is an exception, not the new process.

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There is work ongoing to update and clarify the rules. Such work is slow because it involves a lot of discussion and has to take second place to maintaining and extending SOTA.

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