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Association: DM - Germany (Low Mountains)

Quite good Thomas
Sunday is ok for me
Wednesday I will be at work (may be ok)
But you active as you prefer.
Thanks again

DM/SX area is complete - thanks all activators

DM/SA area is complete - thanks all activators.

Code Region Manager summits MyC
SX Saxony vacant 13 13 100% 0
SA Saxonia-Anhalt vacant 3 3 100% 0
NS Lower Saxonia Per-Olof Müller 32 14 44% 18
NW North Rhine-Westfalia vacant 34 25 74% 9
BM Bavarian low mountain ranges Michael Multerer 83 61 73% 22
HE Hesse Gerhard Sedlak 68 52 76% 16
ND Northern Germany Peer-Olof Müller 2 0 0% 2
RP Rhineland-Palatinate John Chocholaty 61 41 67% 20
TH Thuringia Roberto Napierski 32 17 53% 15
BW Baden Wuerttemberg Gerhard Sedlak 93 87 94% 6
SR Saarland John Chocholaty 3 1 33% 2
424 314 74% 110
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I was on DM/RP-171 Röster Kopf DM/RP-449 Teufelskopf 2 days ago. DM/SR-012 Schaumberg and DM/SR-006 are my local summits, I acivated each of them 5 times only this year. I can go there soon for you and let you know.

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@F5LKW I am now on my way to DM/RP-179 Ellerspring. On my way home I will pass DM/SR-006 Trautzberg. I might stop there for a quick activation. Still 300km to drive so not before 1700 UTC I guess.

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Really sorry but I was at work on the afternoon.
Next time 73 QRO

I was there from 1900h UTC to 2000h UTC yesterday. 2h later than expected.

Bon soir Roger,

an early warning: We’ll be in Northern Germany end of August, at the place where my father in law lived. It’s only a few km to DM/ND-009 (Bungsberg)
There’ll be enough time to activate at least once during our stay (there is no other hill :rofl:)
I’ll post an alert, once the dates are fixed.

73, cuagn,

Well done !
I will look alerts
73 QRO

Hi all

Following Roger @F5LKW I need few more :

NW North Rhine-Westfalia 4 :

HE Hesse 5 :

And also the same :

Maybe this summer :+1: :wink:
73 Éric

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I need some too:

DM/DM all.
DM/BW all except BW-042 and BW-228
DM/HE all.
DM/ND all.
DM/NS all.
DM/NW all.
DM/RP all.
DM/SA all.
DM/SR all.
DM/SX all.
DM/TH all.

Maybe next solar maximum :smiley:


pretty modest list, there Andrew. Shouldn’t be too hard to fill the gaps!


Thanks Michael @DC8YZ for the DM/ND-009

73 Éric

The only two I haven’t yet chased:

DM/BW-859 Battert
DM/BW-860 Eichelberg

73 Phil

Hi Phil,
I counted 14 DM summits worked, one of them worked 5 times. All when propagation was a lot different to now!
Curiously my worked list has only one from DL. Propagation and activation frequency affecting that result, I guess.
73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH

Good evening Phil.

I plan to activate a few mountains around Gaggenau/Baden-Baden on Thursday 16.07.20 The mountain DM/BW-859 Battert is a part of it. I will start early in the morning. I would be very happy about a QSO.

73 Marcel DM3FAM

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Noted Marcel. I’ll be looking out on Thursday in that case. Thank you for letting me know. Short skip from northern England into Germany (summer type condx) have been very good the past few weeks on 20m.

73 Phil

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Hi Marcel
I’ll chase you
73 Éric

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