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Arran next week


I will be on Arran(IOTA EU-123) from 27/10/2007 to 03/11/2007.
If the WX is ok I intend to do a few summits. They are all uniques for me although I have attempted two before without success.
Sunday 28th I will try GM/SI-084 mainly because it is walkable from the cottage we are staying in. From the database it has been well covered on 5MHz and 7MHz so will try 80m and 2m SSB.
During the week, and this depends on WX and XYL, I will try to do some chaser uniques, but not the big ones, as they all require serious scrambling on sharp ridges. Also if I can get the XYL to visit Brodick Castle (NTFS) will retry SI-093 on 40/80m ssb and 2m (fm/ssb) (It has been activated on 60M already and 1 contact on 2m). We also want to retry Goat Fell SI-006 as we ran out of light last time with no contacts. We will concentrate on 40/80m for this one as it has been done already on 60m.
Using hire car (own car very poorly hence no activations lately) so observing radio silence there and back - hope to work at least four of you from each summit.
(Preferred QRG 3.666 3.760 (for Q) 7.060 7.115 5.3985 144.310)
If anyone is wanting WAB areas on the Island please let me know I will try to put them on for you /P on an evening.
Hope to self spot/alert - if I can get signal (mobile) or WiFi hotspot.

Roger G4OWG, Susan (XYL) Tansy (dog)


In reply to G4OWG:

Best of luck with the WX and the activations Roger. I hope to catch you on at least one or two of those, but I will need to be lucky with your timings due to the work schedule. The only one of the three I have is SI-084 on 40m so any of them on any frequency (including 60m) will be most sort after.
I suspect the ability to self spot may be a bit limited up there but I am sure there are one or two of us you could ring to get an alert/spot up for you. I am always happy to do this and I can Skype or email you my numbers if you wish however my availability may be limited a little over these dates.

Best regards Steve GW7AAV


In reply to GW7AAV:

Steve, pass my mobile number on to Roger when you send him your numbers. I wont be able to chase as I’ll be at work but I will be able to post advance spot info and updates etc. if you want to call me Roger.



In reply to MM0FMF:

Am I missing something here lads? Unless there is a phone booth on the summit, hi, how can Roger ring either of you if he can’t self spot. He won’t have any signal.



In reply to GW0DSP:

Am I missing something here lads?

Probably not Mike… I guess he might have a mobile phone service without GPRS coverage… that’s the problem I have :frowning:

So the phone would work but no spots perhaps??

73 Marc GØAZS


In reply to G0AZS:

Hope to self spot/alert - if I can get signal (mobile) or WiFi

Roger G4OWG, Susan (XYL) Tansy (dog)

I thought that line of Roger’s post meant his phone has facility to self spot if signal available. If no signal available to self spot, surely no signal available to phone anyone. Maybe I’m missing something Marc.

73 Mike


In reply to GW0DSP:
Ah well… not sure I understand either…

All part of the SOTA activators black art :slight_smile:

73 Marc GØAZS


In reply to G0AZS:

Close to Holloween!! Maybe Steve and Andy will explain, cos I’m baffled?

73 Mike


In reply to GW0DSP:

Maybe I’m missing something Marc.

Simply that Roger has had an announcement for sometime he is off to Arran.

It’s rare enough that there will be many chasers who will be very keen to work him.

He could use Spotlite etc. to spot. But should SOTAwatch be down when he’s ready to spot he can ask his standby spotters to place the annoucement when it comes back up.

Being prepared with both belt and braces never hurt anyone!



In reply to MM0FMF:

Hi Andy, that explains it, I must have missed the part where Roger mentions about the possibility of the spots being down. I’m still a little confused though, because when the spots came back on, he could then self spot rather than phone a friend.
He has alerted for 80m anyway, so should get spotted instantly.

73 Mike GW0DSP


In reply to GW0DSP:

I thought it was perfectly obvious what I meant - That mobile coverage is patchy in mountainous regions to say the least and a call via a landline before departing for an activation could ensure an alert and therefore a number of chasers listening on the relevent frequency.

If you check you will see Roger has only alerted for the first summit and of course he may wish to change that due to WX etc.



Well I think I understand. Several times I have experienced having coverage, and the ability to make a 'phone call, but getting a message such as “Data server not available” when attempting to access SPOTlite in remote areas. Such circumstances are where the ability to “'phone a friend” would be useful for spotting.



In reply to GW7AAV:

No it wasn’t perfectly obvious, but now you have explained by adding the new bits not mentioned anywhere else on the thread, the mists are clearing a tad. It’s all academic anyway, because Roger has alerted for his activation and will have a pile up even if both the internet and BT go on strike, hi.

Mystic Meg


In reply to 2E0HJD:

Certainly!! I’ll give them to you on Saturday night or Sunday morning.

Mystic (S)meg


In reply to GW0DSP:
Mike et al - I have a phone that is GPRS enabled but have found that it sometimes will not get web access but will get phone access. I am taking my laptop which has Wifi or bluetooth modem via my mobile phone. I can’t remember what access was like last time I was on Arran, but think it was ok from cottage. If so I will post alerts that way. East coast should be OK for signal on hills as it is only a few miles to major conurbations - but as height is gained there may be too many signals to get a lock.
In short if anyone wishes to give me a mobile contact number I would be pleased to receive it in the hope that half way up or at the bottom of a hill I can send them an ETA. If so please send to roger.leighton@btinternet.com. This address is now diverted to my mobile.

Thanks all

Roger G4OWG


In reply to G4OWG:

Check your email for my phone numbers Roger.

73 Mike GW0DSP


In reply to GW0DSP:


In reply to G4OWG:

Hi Roger

I came across this when researching my trip to the Shetlands. My provider (Orange) had online maps of quality and extent of coverage, indicating what can be got where - no doubt the others do the same.

73 de Paul G4MD


In reply to all:

First good news - the cottage has free WiFi access AND I get a good Mobile signal.
Apologies for those looking for me today from GM/SI-084 on 80m, 40m and 2m SSB.
I tried to set up the 2m beam first but the wind was too strong and snapped my SOTA pole. This meant the 80m section of the linked dipole was almost touching the ground. 60m was its usual good self with many contacts.Only 2 contacts on 7.118 before the broadcast stations made plus 7.100 unwokable. Below 7.100 I could not find a space due to wall to wall contest stations.The activation was cut short as we could see the weather approaching across from the Mull of Kintire. We reached the car just as the heavens opened. If weather is reasonable a couple more summits later in the week, will announce early in the morning of activation.
Many thanks to all worked.

Roger G4OWG