If there there is anyone interested or uses this system I have recieved the following information below.

73 Graham G4JZF

A new APRS tracking facility.

In the past when I have mentioned that I would be out and about,
and suggested that if anyone wanted to check my location, they could
use a website called FINDU.COM to see my position on a map.

A new site has appeared which now tracks in nearly real time.
So anyone in the group who uses APRS when /M or /P can be seen
on a rolling map. is the website.

Go there, log in with your callsign, or something else if you want,
see whats on the map and then there is another box that asks you
which callsign you want to track. Mobiles will usualy be indicated as
a car or truck or something else with wheels on, and have a number
like -7, -9 or -12 after the callsign.

I’m not sure how many WAB members use APRS, but what a great
tool to have available.

In the past, when I was out and about in the truck, I needed to set up
a cmptr, radio, TNC etc etc, and leave it running so that Carol could
monitor my journey. No need for all that equipment with this new website.

Dave G1OCN

In reply to G4JZF:
Thanks Graham, looks good.

I’ve had a play with APRS in the past with mixed success - too many wires in the car for starters if it’s a temporary setup. The other problem is coverage, driving south on the M6 I used to disappear somewhere around Keele if I remember right. I’ve also carried it in the NP hills with limited visibility. I like the Google mapping, a big improvement on what I was using before.

I’ll put my gear in the car and give it a try again, I’ve got a couple of trips out coming up in the next few days. Might even carry it when I have a local walk/bike ride and see how well the mapping etc copes.

Stuart G0MJG

In reply to G4JZF: Interesting stuff, although not enough rigs support this yet which is a bit of a shame I must admit it was one of the features on the New Kenwood mobile that I thought could be interesting. But then I thought nope maybe wait for the next gen with DSTAR compatibility

Anyone know what has happened to ?

I’ve not been able to connect to it for a while, the only other UK based server (MB7UXX) I have found Internet connection details for doesn’t appear to be as well connected - APRS Stations that I know are active on 144.800 around much of the UK are just not appearing on my UI-View.


In reply to G4JZF:

Hi Dave, is the website.

Thanks for reminding us about this service. It seems to recall my last activation

and some others from last 6 months.

73, Jaakko OH7BF/F5VGL (now in OH)