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OT, but has anyone bothered with the ARPOC award scheme?

Looking at the rules, it wouldn’t take long to get to get to “Gold Portable Professional”.
(You can’t back date activations - they must be done after registering with ARPOC)
No prominence requirements either :wink:

Maybe an outlet for those who are unable to activate from the hills.


I’ve seen various references to it recently, including one in RadCom. It struck me as a “Pay for Certificates” type of organisation rather than an actual award scheme.

Colin G8TMV

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It would be great if you can let me know why it gives you that impression Colin.

I can assure you that the cost of running the service, time put into building the features, certificate generation and ongoing admin far outweigh the income (or potential income) of the membership!

I can’t see how it’s much different from claiming a SOTA award certificate apart from ARPOC certificates are free for members that join the club and cover a wide range of operating. We have also steered away from any sort of “high point” award as it’s a scheme that SOTA does very well.

I am 100% orientated towards getting more operators involved in portable operation and the award scheme is just one incentive. I’m more than happy to hear other ideas about how it may be improved.