I have made a summary of the emails sent out by Tom and this is included in the just released ARNewsline Podcast/Broadcast for this week.

73 Ed.


Great work Ed. I just listened to the audio version - nice job. Thank you for your efforts in supporting SOTA publicity.

Thank you very much for sharing this, Ed.
I just listened to the nice and easy to follow audio version and got unexpected and delightfully shocked when I heard my name and callsign mentionned as a result of my 2017 Sherpa Award.
Thank you very much.
Best 73,


… and congrats to Tom and Jimmy for their completing all GI summits achievement.


You’re welcome Guru.

There’s also a small piece about the new SOTA Associations added during 2017 in the GB2RS Broadcast this week (I publish the Podcast version and just noticed that).