Argent Data Tracker 4 (APRS)

A while back I recommended the Argent Data Sytems Tracker 4 for a mobile APRS solution. This has worked well until this weekend when its WiFi stopped. I brought it in today and did a firmware update. That’s fixed it good and proper - in that it no longer works at all. This appears to be a common problem (judging by their support forum - where little support is in evidence). All in all I can’t recommend it as a solution at the moment. Very annoying.

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Hi Richard

Does your MiFi, have ethernet connectivity on it??

If so, these are an excellent product! WX3in1 Mini - APRS Advanced Digipeater/I-Gate | Microsat APRS


I confirm: after having waited several months after payment to get it and spent many hours trying to figure out what I was doing wrong, the conclusion is that all available versions of firmware have serious problems (GPS not working with one, Wi-Fi with another.)

This has become my most expensive paperweight.

I have one of those too - so yes I know that’s good! However the MiFi does not have ethernet.

That is a shame

One way around it could be one of these Vonets Wifi Adaptor



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The developer has finally posted an update on the forum (not new firmware just an update on his business issues). Very late but at least he’s still about. I have asked him to post the last version of the firmware that mostly worked (v161). Let’s see.

Oh dear!

I was going to get in contact because I was looking to get a few of them. Firmware issues aside, can you send commands to
It over the air (aprs messages) to change config like you could with the tracker 2?

I can’t answer that. Maybe try on the forum? The developer has now reappeared and there is new firmware. I have not tried it out yet.

Wade, as mentioned, Argent have their own Forum plus have you had a read of the manual?
I have a T4 and would be happy to chat off line about its performance,
Warren vk3byd

Will do - read the manual yes