Are there any SOTA operators near Lerwick?

In May I’ll be sailing to Lerwick with SS Statsraad Lemkuhl (LA1SLB). We’ll arrive in Lerwick on May 20th (my birthday), and I’m looking for some local help to get to a nearby summit, as this seems a bit too far to travel on foot. Do anyone here know of any local operators that may be helpful with such a trip? I’ll be bringing my own HF/VHF gear of course.

From Lerwick Harbour, you can get the regular ferry to Bressay. The ferry sales every 30-50mins and is about 10-15mins duration. From the Bressay Harbour, it is a 4.4km walk and 225m ascent to the summit of Ward of Bressay GM/SI-188. You may be able to get a bus or taxi part of the way. The route is road and then an access track to the TV/Radio site at the summit. There are plenty of signals up there so be prepared for a string RF “Fog”.

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Thanks :slight_smile: I’ll check into that too.

Are there some local legislation I need to worry about when it comes to trespassing on private land, or are you free to go wherever you want?

In Scotland, you are reasonably free to go where you want. But obviously not through someone’s garden and care must be taken crossing farmland with livestock or crops etc.

Thanks, that’s good to know. I had heard that you had mostly the same rules as we have over here, but you can never know. Looking forward to visiting the place. Hopefully I get to do some SOTA chasing from the ship as well, it’s got it’s own HAM station.