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Are there any database problems right now?

I was going to upload my chaser log of today and this is the error message I’ve got:

I have also been kicked off the database and I had to enter again just a few seconds after having entered for the first time.
My .csv file should be OK, as it’s been produced by my SOTA logging program SAISIE SOTA, the one I always use.
Has anyone experienced something similar to this now?
Is there a problem with the database server or something like that?

Thanks for your feedback.


It looks like it’s working to me. But maybe a little slow. We exist on a shared server so it could be load is high from other users. Try again in an hour and see if it seems better.

I’m sorry. It was my fault!
I had an error in the UTC time of one of my QSOs.
After correction, everything uploaded smoothly.

Apologies, Andy and all…