AR: One QSO on CS-101

Well, considerable improvement on my last activation!

I took the Norcal Doublet out for a spin but packed both the dipole and the 817 for insurance.

KX1 + Norcal Doublet tuned up nicely on 20m and Bruno, F/HB9CXP came back to my CQ using just 1W. He was barely audible but I gave him a generous 339. He gave me a 449 so I was obviously getting out ok. KX1 said it was giving out about 4W.

40m was a mess of strong signals so I didn’t even try.

On 80m the KX1 got down to an SWR of 2:1 on the low impedance presented by the 30m top doublet but it said it was only giving out 0.3W. Hmm not sure about this. Instead I erected the trusty dipole and fired up the 817. Perfect match but much calling at 5W raised no-one. The KX1 also saw the dipole as a perfect match but still said only 0.3W.

It was only -1degC but with much blizzarding all my kit was soon disappearing under snow! Packed up the numerous bits of wire and slithered down the wet snowy grass back to the car.

Aiming for a 2007 high of 2 QSOs for my next trip!