APRS2SOTA New Callsign

The management team just changed my callsign in all things SOTA concerning sign-on, but I did not think to ask if something needs to be done to change my callsign in APRS2SOTA. I tried to test it from home, but with no results as I have problems hitting a digi so I am not sure if it is working or not.

So, my old callsign is KI4TN and I want it changed to NR3E in APRS2SOTA.

Ron, NR3E

Hi Ron,

Stewart @G0LGS is kindly providing this great service.
I think sending an email or PM here on the reflector should work.

73 Joe

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Thanks, Joe, I have sent a message to Stewart. I knew someone here would know what to do!

Ron, NR3E :hiking_boot: