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There are current issues with my APRS2SOTA service in that it is unable to access the SOTA API and so unable to post spots - something appears to have happened between 09:00 on 9th March when the logs show it was working and 09:00 on 11th March when the logs show it first failed to work.

The service may work intermittently when my Shack Computer is running (as it works there but does not work on its normal server).

If I understood correct there is a http to https redirect issue.
Are you using https to access the API?
As far as I know it should be only https now only - or so.

Maybe Andrew @VK3ARR can comment on that.

73 Joe

The issue is on client sides not taking the redirect that’s offered, not at the server side.

It appears that the version of Perl on Stu’s server is trying to negotiate only with SSLv3, which is disabled for security reasons, and so we just need to sort out why it won’t negotiate with TLSv1.2

After a few updates of perl Libs (using cpan) it seems that we are back in action again.

Thanks for the help Andrew.