APRS trials today

Hi all,

Today I will be conductiong further testing of my S60 mobile phone APRS tracking application which operates via Andy (MM0FMF’s) SMS to APRS-IS gateway.

Progress can be followed in real time by visiting:


and entering my callsign in the track callsign box on the right and a suitable time interval in the show last box above it. I suggest 6 hours for the later. I will enable the tracker shortly after I have left home so it should be possible to track my journey most of the way there.

While google maps are not too hot in non-urban areas, the satellite image overlay option is pretty good. Note that duplicate position reports are not normally shown on the map display so you may wish to investigate the raw
packets feature.

Any feedback will be gratefully received.



In reply to M0RCP:

I will be trialling my APRS too. G3CWI-4 - starting at around 1315z.



In reply to M0RCP:

Hi Rick,

I have just been out locally testing APRSDroid for my HTC Android phone, it has worked really good around Delamere area today. ( Software reasonable cost from Android market)

I will be testing it again next week at Cyrn Y Brain, before I do Haystacks on the 14th.

Using G1JPV-10 on www.aprs.fi

will look out for you on APRS.FI

Good Luck