Aprs.fi query

Hello there well been playing with ft2 and aprs tonight but I type in 2e0fgx and come up me in Staffordshire on a sota summit last year . Has someone spotted me with aprs ?

But type in -7 after and Its thr beacon im transmitting but how do sort out so just my callsign typed in will come up to where I actually am ?

Matt 2e0fgx

Dont know much abt aprs but were you on that summit last year at that time using aprs.
I once was on the aprs site tractor mobile at work so I guess that was the last time my aprs signal was sent out about 3 years ago.

First time I used Aprs was tonight , I spot where I can is a mobile phone sms service . But if you look next to my callsign it says “from” and then a callsign . What’s that about ?

Matt 2e0fgx

ON6ZQ runs the SOTA2APRS spotter. More info here:

73, Todd KH2TJ

Thanks, I will have a look .

Also attempted to send myself a text via SMSGATE but I could get the text sent and I know first time did it wrong and had a error message come back but not received a text to my phone yet .

Matt 2e0fgx

Hi Matt,

As Todd already indicated, the first capture of your post shows the location of G/WB-005 and your call-sign because you were spotted as activator on https://sotawatch.sota.org.uk/ (15 QSO’s between 15:02 and 15:39 according to https://sotawatch.sota.org.uk/) .

The location shown is the location of the activated summit, NOT your actual position. To have your actual location displayed, or better, your full track to the summit, you need to “beacon” your position as you walk.

On ON6ZQ | SOTA2APRS you can see in real time the APRS stations around SOTA summits and the details on how this all works.

Hello , I did send you a message last night regarding this .

Several people who looked me up came up with this spot rather than where my beacon was . Only came up with the -7 after my call .

Matt 2e0fgx

You will need to read up on how it all works and there’s not just APRS to get familiar with but AX.25 packet etc. There is a lot to absorb at the start.

2E0FGX is really 2E0FGX-0 but in AX.25 a dash zero does not to be explicitly given, if there is no SSID, then -0 is assumed. If you tell people to search for 2E0FGX then they are looking for 2E0FGX-0 and if you are 2E0FGX-7 they wont find you.

If they want to find any SSID you may be using then on aprs.fi they can search for 2E0FGX*

…and as the code after the dash is often used to indicate things like whether the operator is driving, walking, cycling, sailing, or whatever, that asterisk is pretty much essential if you’re really interesed in finding out where aprs.fi thinks someone is.

It has the added advantage of generally giving you a list including information about when a signal was last heard, so you can pick the most recent one and not get fooled by a fix several months old… :wink:

http://www.aprs.org/aprs11/SSIDs.txt lists the standard SSID usage.

-0 Your primary station usually fixed and message capable
-1 generic additional station, digi, mobile, wx, etc
-2 generic additional station, digi, mobile, wx, etc
-3 generic additional station, digi, mobile, wx, etc
-4 generic additional station, digi, mobile, wx, etc
-5 Other networks (Dstar, Iphones, Androids, Blackberry’s etc)
-6 Special activity, Satellite ops, camping or 6 meters, etc
-7 walkie talkies, HT’s or other human portable
-8 boats, sailboats, RV’s or second main mobile
-9 Primary Mobile (usually message capable)
-10 internet, Igates, echolink, winlink, AVRS, APRN, etc
-11 balloons, aircraft, spacecraft, etc
-12 APRStt, DTMF, RFID, devices, one-way trackers*, etc
-13 Weather stations
-14 Truckers or generally full time drivers
-15 generic additional station, digi, mobile, wx, etc

You can argue amongst yourselves whether it should -7 or -0 for Matt at home. I’d suggest -0 till he leaves the house then -7. YMMV!

Thanks for that but If I search my callsign all comes up is the spot when was in shropshire . How can it be done to find me if was transmitting a beacon without the -0 etc ?

Matt 2e0fgx

What did you search for?

Searched for 2e0fgx . Which brings up in Staffordshire. Rather than my beacon.

Matt 2e0fgx

You didn’t read the reply properly and so you typed the wrong command in again.

right at the minuite my beacon is on under 2e0fgx-7 as i have no option to use a -0 only -1 and up . if you have a look and type in swindon im on the east side of the town .

Matt 2e0fgx

Looks okay here. https://www.aprsdirect.com/sid/2914364/time/60

For portable operations, you might want to change your symbol (icon) to the “human/person” /[
See https://www.aprsdirect.com/symbol/list page 12 .

thanks richard i think i sort of sussed it . well seems to be working when type my callsign in . but if change my aprs call to -7 on the end and type in “2e0fgx” i wonder what will happen ?

i have only got limited amout of imagies on the handheld but yes there is a walking man also .

Matt 2e0fgx

As Andy already wrote, search for 2e0fgx* (* is a wild card meaning “nothing or anything here”).

There will be 16 SSID options numbered -1 to -15 and one more which will be NIL or blank or none or something. Select the one that isn’t -1 to -15.

2E0FGX* will search for all SSIDs and is not the same as 2E0FGX