Aprs, and Repeaters around inverness

Any-one know if theirs repeater functioning in Inverness area?
I’m having problems hearing them, Also are their any digit eaters for aprs, as I ain’t showing up, and rig is transmitting ok “I think”,been listening to 144’800 on uv5 and the ft2 is doing sonething

http://www.ukrepeater.net has all the info. GB3BI is off at present according to the website.

Thanx a lot, well that’s why I couldn’t hear it, been trying the Nairn repeater as well but no luck yet

Does the Nairn repeater need a code or tone for fusion do u know, nothing on that site about it MB6FU it’s called

What i’d do is type MB6FU into Google and see what comes back, read those websites and apply what I read.

Il do that now
Many thanx

Google Doesn’t say anything about tones or codes, for fusion, c4fm on repeater MB6FU,
It’s in a repeater list and all it states is that it does dstar fusion and dmr colour code

When I key my ft2 it has a t00 above mode, take it that’s a DG-ID code,
But it could be any code from 0 to 99 on MB6FU


I can’t help with Fusion, never used it or that radio.

Cool, thanx for reply and the links

All I can find is a Brandmeister DMR repeater - that your Yaesu FT2R wont talk to - but for others it may be of interest:


I’ll be travelling through your fair city of Inverness on the 17th.

73 Ed.

Yeah I seen that one, theirs one in Nairn, says it’s a repeater, and online
But I don’t think it’s online and maybe it’s not a repeater as he mentioned a node, but I don’t know what that is,”I thought a node was a hotspot type idea
I messaged the owner last night, here’s the reply

Hi Ian

Many thanks for the e-mail.

I just have the Node setup running on test and was on DMR when you were trying to use it.

What is your callsign and qth ?

will hopefully have it running on fusion in the morning.

All the best for now

Hi Iain,
A “node” is a device (unit) in a computer network. As all Digital repeaters connect back to a central computer network to enable you to connect between repeaters and to common “conference rooms” (like used for teleconferences in business or like using Skype). These are called rooms in Yaseu Fusion and talk groups in DMR and reflectors (I think) in D-Star.

From Art’s email, it sounds like what he has is a multi-mode repeater that is able to work on Yaesu Fusion or DMR. With your FT2 you are just interested in the repeater when it is running on Yaesu Fusion. Normally once set-up these systems can switch between the different networks depending upon what it receives.

These are more normally “hot-spots” with very limited range - normally just the house they are in. But if this one in Nairn has a GB or MB callsign then it’s an actual repeater.

Normally you’d be better trying a “normal” analogue repeater first (your FT2 can do Analogue or Fusion digital).

Repeater List is a good source of information

Unfortunately the Analogue GB3BI is shown as non-operational since the 1st. June this year, it looks by the dates that it was replaced by the Brandmeister GB7BI DMR repeater - which is DMR only - not analogue as well.

It looks to me like you have limited options directly in Inverness as regards Analogue or Yaesu repeaters unfortunately.

The one you have found - MB6NU in Nairrn is your best bet - it IS indeed a simplex repeater “a gateway” (meaning you transmit and receive on the same frequency - so your signal goes “half-duplex” to a room in the Internet - it is not retransmitted out as RF in Nairn) not just a hotspot. It will support Yaesu, DMR and D-Star modes. Unfortunately there’s no receive coverage map shown for it at the moment, so whether you can reach it from Inverness will of course depend upon what is between you and whst antenna it is using. If you are out on a summit nearby, (e.g. GM/NS-151 Mount Eagle) then you should get into it once it’s all running. It sounds like Arthur GM0RML is still setting it up.

You can probably set up some tests with Art. This looks like your best bet.

Once you have access to a Fusion repeater there’s a SOTA Room that you can access - that’s all covered on another thread on this reflector.

73 Ed.

MB6FU is not a repeater. It’s a simplex gateway. I think all stations with an MB prefix are gateways and do not repeat.

Thanx for replies, maybe I’m being a bit optimistic. Thinking I will be able to get as far as Nairn,
I can hear a feint bleep every now and then and a feint transmission on said frequency

I think I’m just not reaching it, it’s a multi mode node or gateway
And at the moment it is connected to cq-uk and will be in use by others using other modes

I just thought it was a repeater high up somewhere, that I could possibly reach

As said I do hear very feint transmitting when connected to the yagi, which is hanging from the ceiling in my bedroom😂

Hi Richard - yes its a gateway but it does transmit what is going on in the “room” it is connected to. So it can’t be used for local contacts, only via a room or talk-group in the Internet. So Iain could be hearing someone elses QSO - at least the other end of the QSO.

73 Ed.

I think that may be what I was hearing , the tail end of qso, s
They were very feint, and unreadable, though with headfones I may have been able to comprehend what was being said “

I noticed my radio coming up with a callsign when it transmitted aprs when I googled that call sign it was a weather station in Helmsdale
That’s a fair distance from Dalneigh, using a homemade yagi hanging from my ceiling and pointing towards Nairn