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April Summits News


The April edition of the Summits News is now available on http://www.summitsbase.org.uk/tiki-index.php?page=News+April+2008


Some interesting statistics in there. However, I couldn’t help but notice an error in one section. Shirley MW0YLS did no less than 27 first activations of GW summits.

Some related news that may be of interest: QCA has changed and modernised the curriculum for Year 7 (first year high school) as from September 2008. Schools will change how they teach these students, and details are on the QCA website. Particularly, enhancement and enrichment activities take a greater profile and my school’s model includes a PIP - Personal Interest Project. I have proposed - and been given two hours per week to run a year-long radio course. This will include the Foundation Licence course, and the beauty of this opporunity is that it can be delivered in normal school lesson time as part of the timetable. Normally, this sort of thing must be extra-curricular and take place at lunchtimes or after school.

Thanks to the cooperation of Dave GW4GTE, and the generosity of Shirley’s son Neil, the school radio course is to benefit by having free use transceivers from Shirley’s home shack. I am very grateful for this, and think it would be a highly appropriate use of Shirley’s equipment and an appropriate way to remember her. Shirley, of course, had great success in running the amateur radio club and organising licensing courses for her pupils at Christleton High School in Chester.