April 2019 Association Updates

This month we mostly have small tweaks.

But I start with…

New Association — S7 Seychelles

In February there was a request for S7

Thanks to on-line topo mapping from the Seychelles government it was possible to make a list of 23 summits.

Kamil, S79KW, one of the very few S7 resident ops, has agreed to be AM. He tells me that many of the summits are covered in jungle. Any prospective activators are strongly advised to get in contact with Kamil, as you’ll probably want his help. For example, you might need to arrange for a local team to open a path to a summit. Note also that some summits are very much private. Also you’ll need to arrange reciprocal permits from the Seychelles Licensing Authority.

S7 seems like quite a special place for an activation. I hope we’ll see some activity soon. Look out for Kamil anyway.


W5A gets some mis-referenced summits back to where they should be. Mostly these were pairs of summits with the same names that had refs swapped.

W0C has a handful of corrections including 3 region swaps.

We have points corrections for a few summits in OD, VK3, W5O, W5T and W6. Bonuses were fixed in W6, JA, JA5 and JA6.

In DM summit DM/BW-042 is retired and replaced by reactivated summit DM/BW-041 slightly to the south. DM/NS-176, “Winterberg”, was in the wrong region and becomes DM/NW-267. A few minor position adjustments were also made.

Andy had his long hike yesterday, so he’s working on the uploads from tonight (1st April).

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