Appologize F/AM-191 and F/AM-160

Hello all,
I must appologize about my very short staying on summit yesterday from Pointe des 3 Hommes and Cime Bolofre
As i was doing the walk with a group of friend, i could not stay a long time on summits; in fact when friends were having their meal (sandwiches) i managed to set up the antenna and made some Qso as fast as i could (1qso/mn for 20mn on each summit). So i had to hurry up and had to switch off wrudly.
Next time, i will stay longer and give contact to every one.
You can watch the photos here.

Best 73 to all from Gérald

In reply to F6HBI:

Nice flowers but Genepi is better with some alcohol…
Merci pour les photos

73 Alain F6ENO

In reply to F6ENO:
Salut Gérald.
J’ai l’impression que vous n,avez pas pris le même chemin que moi.
Maintenant il va falloir prevoir des sorties avec bivouac ou refuge.
Bref plus de déplacement pour un sommet … Hi !
73 Roger

Yes Genepi is better to drink… but now it is absolutly forbiden to take it, you can get a fine if the guard see that! last week-end a hicker got 135 Euros fine because he just approched too close some eagles in their nest!!!

Ok Roger we did not take the same path as you; we crossed the crest of the 3 hommes to reach the Cime Bolofre. (see the gps here:

best 73 and see you from other…summits, Gerald