Appalachian Trail on-the-air October 1-2, 2022

Appalachian Trail on-the-air October 1-2, 2022

This year we have decided to continue AT-On-The-Air Event started by Mike Wb2Fuv last year. This event would not be possible without his work and efforts.

The dates are Saturday, October 1, 2022 and Sunday October 2,2022. This will also be a great chance to work many activators summit to summit.

The A.T. crosses more than 40 SOTA summits and passes thru 6 national parks, 8 national forests and more than 65 state parks and forests with POTA designations. The national trail itself has a POTA National Trail designation K-4556. This is not a contest and there are no awards. In addition to posting your usual SOTA Alerts and/or POTA Schedules, the website will have a section of Planned Activations as they are submitted. To Sign up as an activator, Click the “RSVP” button on the website and fill out the form.

A list of SOTA summits in the vicinity of the AT is posted on We hope to see you on the trail and in our logs. Thanks again to Mike WB2FUV for starting this fun activity and event!

Northeast SOTA Club


Ill be on air! Probably Kittatinny Mtn…


Sounds like a great event.

I activated 5 peaks on my recent trip out east that were on or near the AT. You can give a definite “Yes” to Chestnut Ridge (W4V/WV-009) and Saddleback Mtn East Madrid (W1/AM-007) as the AT runs right over each of them.

73 de KN0MAP, Dan


October 1st is also the date of the W7A 10 Point s2s Madness event when around 30 TEN POINT summits will be activated simultaneously, more or less.

Sounds like total chaos to me!

WA7JTM W7A Association Manager


I created this for Dean Blair K2JB. I counted a total of 177 SOTA summits within a mile of the AT. Many of us in W4 land have activated many summits between Springer and Harpers Ferry. I am looking forward to participating in this event.

Ariel NY4G


I plan to be QRV from Crocker Mt. W1/AM-056. Hoping the the weather stays favorable for a long activation and many S2S opportunities with other AT stations as well as the W7A stations.


I just RSVPed to activate “The Pinnacle” in Shenandoah National Park. The long-range forecast currently calls for rain but it could easily change.


That’s one of my fav summits in the SNP. There are a number of spots where you can operate and have a great view of the valley below.

We’ll be at Compton Peak, W4V/SH-016, just down the road from The Pinnacle.



I RSVP’ed for Kittatinny Mtn W2/NJ-003 to put NJ on the map.

KD2YDN will be on Mt Greylock W1/MB-001

Lots of action it looks like.

I plan to start early on upper HF to work Europe, the usual 60/40 afterwards, and then hopefully land some of the western activators and chasers on noon/afternoon HF.

Also 2m beam for local work on .58-fm


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It looks like we’re going to be socked in with pouring rain all weekend, so we’re not going to get out as originally planned. :frowning:


Yeah, high winds as well :frowning_face: - I’ve just submitted a change to remove my RSVP

Yea up north we wont be getting hit untill the Afternoon/Evening. I’ll be up early and then hike down when the rain gets intense.

I’m currently at 999 points so this activation is a special one.

I’ll try and check 60m Channels 4 and 5 on the hour in case anyone needs a spot as Kittatinny has cell svc. Upper HF in the early morning to try and work Europe and then again in the noon/afternoon hours to hopefully work the west coast dudes. Ill hammer 40 and 60 frequently as well.


Try 15m. I had 3 on that band today, all CW, all s2s with the East coast, and plenty loud from California.



15m was productive for me yesterday as well. I got 4 out of 17 contacts on 15m SSB including a German contact and a 2nd hit from F4WBN.

17m has been hopping lately too.