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Apostrophes in Alert Comments

Hi guys,

I just wanted to bring it to everyone’s attention that when you attempt to use an apostrophe in the comments of an alert, the alert will submit but will not stick or throw an error in the process. Not sure if this has been brought up before, but it honestly took me months of wondering why my alerts won’t post before I figured it out. Not sure if there is a way to escape the apostrophe, or if the admins could post a friendly reminder to not use apostrophes to help future lost souls.

Thanks and 73,
Nick K1MAZ

Already made a search for apostrophes on the Reflector? :wink:

There’s a technical reason why this happens and dropping input with any apostrophes is the quick and guaranteed to work solution. It wont be fixed as SOTAwatch is now end-of-life and fixing it takes effort from writing the replacement.