Apology MW6BWA on GW/NW-034 Foel Cedig , NOT on NW-046

We (with MW0JLA) activated Foel Cedig GW/NW-034 today (Monday) on the way back home from a rather wet weekend in Snowdonia with our walking club. I’d not done the long gravel track (with lots of chances for a bit of ‘wild swimming’ in the numerous large puddles/small lakes on the track - and also a spot of glissading as we both had a small slide on muddy grass - but I stayed upright this time!!) which did take longer than expected but some lovely views on the way and a following wind for parts of the trek. Whatever the reason, I started the activation by telling everyone that I was on Foel Cedig (yes!) which was GW/NW-046 (NO, that was Rhialgwm on Friday… whoops!) It was a spur of the moment visit so we didn’t have a detailed map with us and I forgot to check with Rod before setting up about 50 yds apart so he didn’t hear my error. My thanks to GW4VPX Allan who came back to me and gently pointed out that we were apparently on different hills. I did mention the error on the 2m calling frequency but feel sure that few of my chasers will have heard and corrected their logs. I will hope to get the log up asap but, after a slow start, I ended up with a large number of contacts in all directions (Bradford, Tenby, Wolverhampton, Merseyside) and s2s with M6NSV/P Neil on Walton Hill G/CE-002. Apologies to everyone who was affected and my only excuses can be: ‘water on the brain’ (Snowdonia was rather soggy) or altitude sickness (it is a 4-pointer!)
73 Viki M6BWA


Thank You Viki for another Excellent Activation. Made more interesting by the Puzzle that you gave us. Never a dull moment with your Activations my Friend. Well Done Viki. Always a Pleasure to hear You. 73 de Paul M0CQE.


Hi Viki, quite surprised to be able to hear you (although really only just) on Foel Cedig - but pleased that we were able to connect on 2 and 70.

I only noticed the wrong summit ref. when I went to input my log and it came up as Rhialgwm - and I thought to myself that’s a bit strange given I had spoken to you on Rhialgwm on Friday and you’d told me avoid that summit if I ever get my finger (or feet) out and get activating some summits :laughing: so the thought of you doing it twice in a few days was interesting!

Anyway, it all adds to the excitement!