Apology for no show CS-032

I’m sorry for anyone who was waiting for me to appear from Stucd an Lochain CS-032 but I had to abandon my walk part way through. I ran out of legs about 200m of ascent from the summit! I had no problems getting up Sron a Choire Chnapanich CS-066 but I really struggled trying to ascend from the col for the next one.

I noticed I was labouring hard last week on Dumyat which is a wee pimple compared to Stucd an Lochain. I thought it may have been that it was hot last week. Well it was scorching hot today. I had the same problem on Meall a’Mhuic before that and it was cold then. So I’m beginning to think it may be an effect of my new shiny diabetic drugs. They work very well at what they are meant to do so I need to do some checks with my doctor and dietician before trying a further moderate walks. I’m sure it will be down to eating more earlier on in the walk.

I’d have SMS spotted the cancelation but this was the first summit I’ve not been able to get a jot of mobile coverage. Not surprising when you can’t see any towns/villages or farms from the top… a splendidly remote place. Probably not the place to have a hypo attack either!

I’ll write some nonsense about the activation and post some pictures tomorrow.