Apologies to all the chasers who were waiting for my cq call from G/NP-004 Whernside today (18/5/08). Unloading my gear from the car I discovered that a bolt was missing from my antenna. No problem I will just have to fix my antenna to my mast with insulation tape. Then it seems that I chose the wrong field to start my ascent, something I’m told that I’m not the first to do. My Fiancee quit halfway up the climb due to not feeling too good and said that she was returning to the car, after much discussion I decided to carry on with two nine year old children and strike for what I thought was the summit ridge. After more climbing and not a trig point in sight I decided that safety was paramount and I should return to the car, after all the hills will be there another day.

The day before (17/5/08) we discovered a nail in the tyre of my Fiancee’s car, a new tyre was needed hitting the wallet harder than the price of us going to watch the Rhino’s game the previous evening.

All in all a bad weekend. But I will be back and should be heard in the not too distant future calling cq from the one that got away today.

73 Chris

In reply to 2E0FSR:
Hey Chris dont worry about it, your commitment is to the safety of you and your family, not us the chasers !
Good effort, and the hill will be there for next time !

Best regards