Apologies to K1MUU and chasers today

To K1MUU and his chasers today -

I am the mobile station with the crummy antenna that was probably stomping all over you with my “CQ” calls on 146.52, since my mobile antenna apparently transmits better than it receives. I didn’t realize until after my brief, scratchy (on my end) contact with K1MUU that he was running a SOTA activation and that I had probably been causing interference for you all during most of my drive today. I am truly, truly sorry and hope I didn’t completely ruin the activation for you all. For what it’s worth, that antenna is getting pulled off my vehicle this afternoon.

This is certainly not how I planned to make my SOTA debut, but I do hope to catch you all on the summits in the future - and hopefully without stomping on anyone next time.

73 to all, and again, my apologies.