Apologies to chasers

Hi all.

Many apologies to everyone today that tried to respond to my calls on the bands today.
I didn’t realise until quite late on into the activation that the main cable on the j-pole antenna had been damaged, resulting in me being only able to receive very local strong stations.

Thanks to everyone that tried and to those that did manage to complete the QSO’s and help me to finally qualify the summit.



In reply to M6EPW:

Hi Liz,

Happened to me on Black Hill about 18 months ago …real downer. I saw your spot and was surprised you hadn’t called in for an S2S, so I went looking for you and heard nothing. Now I know why.

There’s always another day, Liz!

73 Mike

In reply to 2E0YYY:
Hi Mike.

Yes, sorry I couldn’t work you S2S. I was hoping catch a few others too.
Never mind. At least it was only from my local Fell.

I was thinking if heading for Great Gable. May still do that today but will have to use the homebrew Sota beam and h/held and stick to 2m , .70cms and 4 m.

Will see how it goes.

Really disappointed as weather for once was almost perfect.