Apologies to chasers

Hi all.

Apologies to anyone that tried to work me on Low Fell LD-042 yesterday.
It just turned into one of those days where you wish you could start all over again.

Upon reaching the starting point I realised that I had left the roach pole at home. Undetered I set off up the fell with the j-pole in the hope that I could find something to hang it from.
No such luck.

Tried to hang it from my walking pole wedged in some rocks but snapped the pole !

After a few attempts I did manage to very precariously balance the top part of the pole on the bottom with just enough clearance from the ground but this clearly wasn’t good enough to work weaker stations. Really frustrating.

Struggling to qualify the summit I decided to try the other summit on Low Fell ( its a split summit on this one ) . Thankfully this worked better and managed to balance the j-pole on the remnants of the walking pole just well enough to qualify the summit.

I know there were other stations calling, I just couldn’t get back to you all with that setup.

I will do this summit again in the very near future as this is one of the least activated LD SOTA summits.
Hopefully the weather will also be less hazy as this summit has some stunning views across two lakes. Too hazy on Friday to make it worth getting the camera out.

To top it all I also broke my compass. So not a good day.

Many thanks to the chasers that did manage to work me. Thanks to them I at least didn’t suffer even further insult of not qualifying.

A big thank you goes to GM3VMB for his help and patience too.