Apologies to all chasers 16/03/12

Sorry to all the chasers expecting me to go on today from St Sundays Crag to do Fairfield and Seat Sandal but i had to call it off as the weather on St Sunday Crag was just to much to battle against with driving rain and big gusts of wind trying its best to blow me and Derek 2E0MIX over.

Hopefully these will be sheduled to do again some time when the weather is better.

Thanks to all the chasers that where there for us it made it worth while.

73 Mark MM1MPB

In reply to MM1MPB:
Hi Mark, A good decision indeed. We can all learn from it. Don’t be scared to leave it to another day.

I have been thinking about your expedition after we discussed it on the air on Wednesday evening. If you got St Sunday qualified today you might be better doing Fairfield & Seat Sandal from Dunmail Raise or even Mill Bridge (though that involves extra ascent). I have done all three LD10, LD7 & LD22 from Dunmail and it’s OK. Dropping LD10 off would certainly make a good case for an approach from the west.

A big thank you for helping to qualify Little Mell Fell for me. Partly due to that I was home over an hour earlier than I originally feared.

Good luck for a repeat sortie,
73, John.

In reply to G4YSS:
Hi John, as Mark said conditions were quite bad yesterday, I did Seat Sandal last year starting from from the top of Dunmall Raise with the inclusion of two Wainwrights, Dollywaggon Pike and Nethermost Pike.
Had I started out a bit earlier Helvellyn would also have been done.

73, Derek