Apologies G/WB-013 14/02/2012

Apologies to chasers worked on 4m and 2m FM the morning of 14/02/2012 from Garway Hill: I gave out the wrong reference number (015) only spotted this upon entering the log; it should have been WB-013.

At least I was on the right hill :slight_smile:

Used handheld and a SlimJim till the battery gave up (10 QSO in total).

Regards, Phil as M/ON4TA/P

In reply to ON4TA:

Sorry we missed you on Garway Hill but I think we must have been too low down on our way up Waun Fach (GW/SW-002). We had a very quick activation there, walked a few miles further and then were well out of the activation zone when we heard you on Craig Syfyrddin with G4ENZ.
Many thanks for my first QSO from GW/SW-020.

Enjoy your stay; hope to catch you again.