Apologies for poor HF signal from LD-005

I must apologise for my poor HF signal from Great Gable LD-005 yesterday. I know the bands werent in very good shape, however when I set up on Kirk Fell I noticed that the earth side of the dipole had parted from the dipole centre. All contacts from Gt Gable were made using only the hot half of the dipole - including s2s with Klaus DF2GN/P. Plan B was to exhaust the 12AH SLAB on 2m, - this didnt happen after carrying my beam all day & leaving the coax in the car :frowning:
73 Steve G1INK.

In reply to G1INK:

Likewise from me… my dipole was OK but 5 megs was just not playing the game - just a handful of QSOs. Tried 80 metres - heard G4JZF but he couldn’t hear me - no QSOs. 2 meters ssb - no takers. Thankfully 40M CW resulted in a few more contacts. But the sunshine was just fabulous!


Heard you both on 5 Megs with reasonable signal but no joy on 40 or 80.

Ah well better luck next time and it looks like you enjoyed your day out.