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Apologies for no-show on gm/si-123

Our apologies for no-show on 14/06/2022 at gm/si-123 and lack of edit to the alert.
It was wet when we set off and by the time we reached the parking spot the rain was hosing down so we went to plan B - the ferry to Iona. We had good internet at base - but out in the sticks it was gprs only and so I could not delete or edit the alert. From observation on Iona it looked as if had we waited for an hour at the parking spot we would have had rather better weather.
That’s the way it goes. Let’s hope things go better tomorrow.
Rod & Viki


I noticed a lot of new (4G) masts on Mull and generally had surprisingly good coverage on EE. I think that the roll out of the Emergency Services Network - which I think is EE improved coverage. The rest of the family had less on other networks… Enjoy Mull, hope to catch you again later this week. PS Although expensive Cafe Fish was worth it…. Paul

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I hope the same does not occur today - rain forecast mid-day so with luck we should already be on-air.

Paul, I bought Vodaphone SIMs in the hope of filling gaps in O2 coverage and have found better than expected with both. EE SIM is in the old phone so I will test that. Thanks for the tip.

Ah… At least it was the weather and not Viki’s ankle.

If you were registered you should have been able to send a SMS spot. I have a note at the back of my log book as last resort. e.g, from my notes Text 07903533046 ! G NP002 145.525 fm Comment but it is so long since I used it I don’t know if it still works.

The SMS part of fhe phone network was designed as a communication of last resort for engineers, so it works even if the voice channels fail.

Have a nice time on Mull. I am off to a HEMA today “Waterloo Monument” just outside Jedburgh.

73 de

Andrew G(M)4VFL

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(really off topic) On Ulva which is about as remote as it is possible to be in the UK I did a speediest on the 4G signal… 50MB/sec - considerably better than most of England… I could have easily streamed the activation! ps I would have thought its SOTA summit might be difficult and covered in bracken by now…


Tried the EE SIM and not found EE to be any good at all.

In theory I could but that does not remove Alerts and I find it confusing when others do this in similar circumstances. Also SMS spots don’t seem to be working for me at present.

If your phone doesn’t support 4G on B20 then I don’t think you will see the improvement. But if it does…

Since I switched to EE last August I have had more than excellent 4G data and voice on every summit I have tried. I used to have the same phone on Three and would carry an old Nokia 6120 Classic for O2 or Vodaphone as they had 2G services where Three didn’t. If there was no Three there would be enough of the others to send and SMS. Now I don’t need anything but my main phone and it works and works and works.