Apologies for Binsey activation tonight

Apologies to anyone trying to contact me on 4m fm tonight on LD-041 (Binsey)

Unfortunately the calling channel was being hogged totally by two Irish stations, making it impossible to get anywhere near putting out a shout.

After 1/2 hour of trying to break into their conversation to ask them to QSY, and being totally ignored, I gave up as time and daylight was against me.

Sadly, this also meant that I not longer had the time to use the main ariel on 2m or 70cms, just the handheld.

Will have to try that one again another day.

Many thanks for those that did mamnage to work me on 2m fm on just the handheld.


Liz (M6EPW)

In reply to M6EPW:
Sorry to hear of your woes Liz.

Had you thought about not using the calling freq and just post yourself on another frequency and call cq cq.

Works for me!

Better luck next time though…


In reply to G1STQ:

Many thanks. Will have to try that next time around.

Seems it is just not going to be my night tonight as I now cannot enter one of my contacts into the log either here on SOTA :frowning:

I managed to do 5 entries but had to check the time for the sixth one so logged out and thought I would come back to it. Now, when I try to log the 6th entry it won’t let me. It just comes up that I have already logged that activation. What am I doing wrong or do all entries have to be done in one hit ?


In reply to M6EPW:

If you told the database you had finished entering the contacts then the log for that activation has been closed. You can’t add something new directly.

The fix is easy though.

  1. Log in and view your activation history.
  2. Click the download link which will download your log for this activation as a CSV file.
  3. Open that in either a spreadsheet or text editor (not a WYSIWYG editor like Word).
  4. Append the missing entries and save the file.
  5. Click delete for this activation and confirm the deletion.
  6. Upload the CSV file you edited.

The above shouldn’t take more than 1 minute / step and that’s only if you type slow!

Andy, MM0FMF
Database Manager

Hi Andy.

OK, will give that a try. If not I’ll just delete them and redo the whole lot again.