Apologies for 7 MHz - GM/CS-101

Apologies if you were waiting to work me on 40m today.
It was a very busy band today but I eventually found a spot that was clear. Despite trying several times I just could not get a self spot on SOTAwatch.
I did try calling out the frequency on 5.3985 MHz (the frequency I had previously been on) but by the time I adjusted the dipole and returned to 7 mHz the frequency was occupied anyway.

I hope to work all the 40 metre regulars again on the next summit.

73 Robin, GM7PKT.

In reply to GM7PKT:

Hi Robin,

It was very nice to work you on 60m last Sunday. I had to go out so I wasn’t monitoring 60m when you tried to arrange a frequency on 40m.

With the way 40m was on Sunday I am certain we could have worked on that band as well, so I could have done what has been suggested under busy conditions & called you from here with a bit more power than you might have had available in order to stake a claim to a frequency, as it where.

With 40m now becoming open for NVIS on a more regular basis I can see the band being used more regularly for contacts that where until recently only possible on 60m.

Hope to work you again very soon,

Best 73,

Mark G0VOF