apologies, bad alert/spot for WN3F today

The RBNHole is lovely but relies on users putting in correct info. I had three summits on my to-do list today but got repelled by a bad road so I gave up on the first one and in my haste to set up a new alert I used the wrong reference for the first activation.

So my first activation today with contacts from about 1659 to 1717 UTC was Salt Pond Mountain W4V/FC-001, not the other reference.

The second activation was with contacts from about 2002 to 2007 UTC was correctly spotted on Poor Mountain, W4V/RA-003

Please accept my apologies! I should be better about sending my reference over the air.

Roy WN3F

Alert using a wildcard when activating multiple summits and RBNHole will get the spot right every single time.

I keep saying this.

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From the RBNGate documentation:

I’m doing a backpack trip this weekend in an area with no cell phone coverage. I’d like to activate some summits during the trip but don’t know which ones they will be, or when I’ll be on the air. Can RBNGate spot me throughout my trip?

Yes. Since you don’t know which summits you will be activating, enter a Sotawatch alert and specify the summit using question marks such as “W6/NS-???” or “G/??-???”. Enter an ETA that is near the beginning of your trip, then extend the spotting window by including a code such as “S+48” in the comment of your alert (this code extends the spotting window to 48 hours after your alert’s ETA). RBNGate will now spot you on your ‘to be determined’ summit (W6/NS-??? or whatever you entered) whenever it hears you calling CQ during the trip. The chasers will know that they have to get the actual summit from you over the air. You could also choose to use the midpoint of your trip as the alert’s ETA, then extend both the beginning and end of the spotting window with a comment such as “Backpacking all weekend in the Sierra. S-24 S+24”.

If I don’t know what summit I’m going to attempt, I use ?'s.

If I do know what summit(s) I’m planning on, I use X’s and list the references out in the Alert Comment field.

Michael, N4DCW

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Thank you Michael! My control-F for “wildcard” there obviously failed.

Roy WN3F

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