api2 no longer working

I have added SOTA to my HamClock project, HamClock. It was working fine but now the queries I am making are returning blank pages.

To get a list of activators I use https://api2.sota.org.uk/api/spots/-1. Then to get the grid square of each I use https://api2.sota.org.uk/api/summits/associationCode/summitCode

The first always returns the following:

HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found
date: Thu, 23 Mar 2023 01:13:12 GMT
server: Kestrel
content-length: 0

so I have no spots to check with the second.

Again, all was working the last I checked but today someone asked why HamClock is showing no spots and this is what I found.

Thanks for your help. I will also send this to “Contact SOTA’”.


The first is returning data for me (minus the fact there’s no spots in the past hour). Not getting a 404

Handling a steady 10 requests per second at present down from a peak of about 85/hour during NA time. No 4xx codes being reported on the front end graphing.

Thanks for the quick reply.

But now you’re right, the 404 has changed to 200 OK and I’m getting a nice empty array .

I’ve seen some issues depending on what client you’re using with it sometimes caching TLS certs and when it gets renewed, the client can’t cope, but that should return something like a 403 or 500, not a 404. Other possibility is if the client persists a connection and that then gets stale if the load balancer drops it after a while.

Or something in the network between? :man_shrugging:

If I was a network person, I’d blame spanning tree protocol because that’s the go-to excuse for any unexplainable.

Yes STP, that’s it :wink:


No, you tell them to call their ISP support line and report an “ID ten T” error code.

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I’d hate to imply that the OP didn’t know what he was on about. Particularly with a good clear error message that showed some kind of troubleshooting had been done. No, blame a technology no one understands.


The reference to STP was a joke.

FWIW, I checked back through my logs and I was also getting straight 404 during the following periods, all UTC, otherwise all fine:

Mar 12 21:42:02 to Mar 12 23:04:03
Mar 13 15:31:02 to Mar 13 17:43:02
Mar 13 19:34:02 to Mar 13 21:35:04
Mar 14 11:28:02 to Mar 14 11:37:03
Mar 16 19:38:03 to Mar 16 20:49:05
Mar 21 16:35:02 to Mar 21 19:16:03

I also run concurrent pings to all my data sources. Since March 1 the max latency to api2.sota.org.uk was 141 ms with no dropped packets. My server for all this is clearskyinstitute.com. My hosting provider is godaddy.com, not the best for sure.

Everything running fine now.

73, Elwood

I have another theory that what’s happened is one of the backend servers had a glitch, was pulled out of the load balance, but something your request was trying to persist to the same server through the LB either with a cookie or something else, and once that backend server was pulled from the LB, it had nowhere to go. Some clients do this automatically, so I’m not suggesting it’s anything intentional, but it’s plausible other than the fact it doesn’t explain why there’s periods where it’s all OK, which would imply the cookie/client is being reset at some point.

Time to reblame STP :smiley:

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