Apalogies to chasers activation F/PE-104

Apologies to chasers that I had to quickly cut my activation of F/PE-104 short due to a storm. I was merrily working my way through a pile up of chasers when my partner asked if I had noticed the storm clouds that had crept up behind me. I like to work all chasers if possible but today I had to abandon the summit in a hurry. Lots of thunder and lightning, hail and heavy rain. We got down safely, two drowned rats! Hopefully the weather will be better next time! So sorry to the chasers who were calling. Adrian MM0DHY

In reply to MM0DHY:

I almost had the same “issue” yesterday while being on Naafkopf (at the HB/HB0/OE border). I saw thunderstorm clouds building up in about 10km distance. On my iPhone I doublechecked the wx-radar while running pile-up (3G reception can be a challenge on a high mountain) and I decided to go QRT with 42 QSO in the log and descend 1000m to Malbun (2.5h walk) in the dry. Luckily the thunderstorm went down 10km South on the HB9-side. Safety is more important than 10 SOTA-points.
73 es gl de Dominik, HB9CZF