ANZAC commemoration stations

Just a heads up that during this year, especially from 25th April on there will be special call sign stations operating in VK and ZL to commemorate the bravery and dedication of all who were involved in WW1 but in particular the Australian and New Zealand armies at Gallipoli in 1915. The brave and successful defence by Turkish forces is also to be acknowledged.

These stations, many running high power, will be on as per a schedule published on the WIA website. The frequencies that are likely to be used are listed below.

SOTA operators are advised that they should not attempt to work VK or ZL on these frequencies when the commemorative stations are on air.

Of course you have a once in a century opportunity to work VK100ANZAC and VInANZAC where n is 1 to 8.

Calling Frequencies for 2015 ANZAC Commemoration

Band Digital CW SSB
160m 1805 kHz 1825 kHz 1850 kHz
80m 3.630 MHz 3.530MHz 3.585MHz
40m 7.040 MHz 7.010 MHz 7.095 MHz
30m 10.145 MHz 10.110 MHz 10.120 MHz
20m 14.095 MHz 14.010 MHz 14.250 MHz
17m 18.095 MHz 18.105 MHz 18.115 MHz
15m 21.095 MHz 21.105 MHz 21.250 MHz
12m 24.925 MHz 24.895 MHz 24.935 MHz
10m 28.055 MHz 28.025 MHz 28.450 MHz
6m 50.225 MHz 50.500 MHz 51.150 MHz
2m 145.000 MHz 144.050 MHz 144.150 MHz

Other bands and modes by arrangement.


PS all VK stations may use the AX prefix on 25th April if they wish.

Hi Ron

I was lucky enough to get the use of VI6ANZAC for 2 hours and be able to use it for SOTA. Two of my Uncle’s fought in Bouganville during WW2 and one contracted malaria, he lived to the ripe old age of 92 and only passed away about 18 months ago in Melbourne.

My use of VI6ANZAC will be between 07:00UTC and 09:00UTC. The callsign will be used by other groups before and after my activation. Frequencies will depend on where the activity is and I might try to stick with 14.250 if its free or up above 300 otherwise. I look forward to getting a few regulars in the log.


John VK6NU

VK100ANZAC will operate from about 1800 UTC on 24/4/2015, a special event station in Canberra operating from then to the time of the dawn service at about 2000 UTC and continuing on during the day.

I am rostered to operate this station from about 0000 UTC 25/4 and will have my SOTA gear with me so I can give SOTA contacts if possible.

The station will operate from Mt Ainslie VK1/AC-040 unless the weather is seriously inclement. Light rain is forecast and that will be no problem, but very high winds and heavy rain will cause the main operation to move from Mt Ainslie to the club rooms of the Canberra Region Amateur Radio Club in Red Hill, a southern

The SOTA requirement for battery powered operation will be met either by my normal battery powered IC703, or if higher battery capacity is available from the club’s backup batteries, an IC706 at higher power. The club intends to erect various antennas on the hilltop.

Again depending on weather, further operation should be feasible later in the day until the station needs to be dismantled. I will try to keep the callsign on the air as long as possible using my own equipment and antennas if necessary, and will try to accommodate the dx operators likely to be on the higher bands like 20/15/10m.

Some of the Vk100ANZAC operation will be generator powered. Some of the operators will not be familiar with SOTA operations and I will brief them on the issues to be aware of. But as the saying goes, log them and then ask questions afterwards. The operator will know whether they are running on a generator and should be able to answer the question “are you a SOTA station?” and if they say no, you’ll have to wait until the station is SOTA compliant for a contact to count in your SOTA log.

Other regular SOTA operators may well be involved in the operation during the day. There is expected to be a lot of interest in the station from VK operators.