Anyone wants a 857D box? (the cardboard packaging)

Im moving to a new place and I think Ill trough the packaging of the Yeasu.
I now use a paddled flight case from Maplin so it takes space that I don’t really have.

Im in central london, Euston Station area. Of course if you send the postage pdf I can post it to you.
Some people like the box if they want to sell their radio.


Hi Tasos,

I would be very pleased to have the cardboard box for the FT857D, because I bought my 857 on eBay and I did not get a box with it!

If you would be kind enough to post it to me, I would be very grateful. Please email me with the cost of postage, etc, and I will send it to you. My email address is OK on When I get your email I will give you my mailing address also.

Walt Davidson (G3NYY)

great!! I feel better if the box goes to someone who cares!!
I really never through boxes (hoarder) but some boxes this time have to go or my XYL won’t be pleased :smile:

Ill email you my location to check online, that would me better for me. So probably go and get a printed royal mail stamp. No worries though we will find the solution. Ill email you later today.


OK, thanks Tasos. I’ll wait for your email. I can either send you the cost of postage, etc, by post or else I could send it by PayPal or even Bank Transfer if you prefer that method. I am located in Gloucestershire, so too far away to collect it from your QTH.

Walt (G3NYY)

Stamp printed and box on its way!
Left it at the pickup point.

Take good care of it :slight_smile: heh


Thank you very much, Tasos. That is very kind of you. I’ll look out for the postman tomorrow.

CU on the summits!

Walt (G3NYY)