Anyone need LA/TM-268?

I think this will be my next goal…?
I just hope the road goes as far as is looks…
My first trip to most summits I have not been to already, I only carry BB6W ant.
I need a little feedback regarding mode… I like ssb best, because I have been QRT for 20 years… BUT, I have a paddle and I can work cw, even pile-up (IF people behave a little :wink: )… If you key well I read about 15wpm+ in a very standard qso.
So, knowing this; 5w out, CW or SSB?

Hi nice to meet you. I run an FT-817 5W to a linked dipole. I use SSB and CW. I tend to start on SSB and if time permits or cant make QSO on SSB due poor propagation then I resort to CW. Either works well though from a chasers point of view I prefer a CW activator as its easier to copy the details. Trial and error is the way forward. Always looking for Norwegian summits.

Good Luck and 73 Glyn

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Hi Henning

Welcome aboard and congratulations on your first activation.

SSB or CW should get you contacts with 5W if you have a reasonable antenna and band conditions allow.

CW would possibly get you more contacts…

Try both, you will be popular!

Adrian G4AZS


There are one or two virgin summits not to far away. Trouble is, My BB6W ant preferably needs two trees… These summits are above the treeline. Anyone got any feedback on how it will preform mostly very, very close to the ground?

Dear OM,
Thaks for the SOTA points this morning. It was a pleasure for me to contact you and I’ll be looking forward to copying you again soon.
Regarding modes, my advise is to use both. There are some few chasers working CW only and some more working phone only, but many of us do both.
Sometimes I have little time to activate on SSB and CW, so I activate in one mode only. When this happens, I try to use the other mode in my next activation.
Best wishes and HPE CUAGN SN.
Best 73 de Guru

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HI Henning, welcome to the SOTA addiction!

Echoing others comments if you can activate with SSB, that’s fine, if you can activate with SSB and CW you’ll be a star!

Antenna - use whatever you have - when there’s no trees around a colapsable fibre glass fishing pole is what most of us use, or some have verticals mounted on tripods. When I started I used an end-fed half wave that I simply laid on the top of bushes or whatever I could find.

5W is fine - more power is good if you are trying to contact DX via the Long Path. That being said I have worked DL-VK on only 5w SSB and a dipole.

By the way - we use the term “Silent Key” SK, to mean someone died, so if you’ve been SK for 20 years, you are sending some ghostly signals out HI.

73 Ed.


:scream: thought that contact was a ghost one yesterday LOL

There are many ideas for good antennas for use with the goat light weight and easy to use and set up but mainly come with a Fibre glass pole as support using Di pole off it or end fed wires etc.

Some good stuff if you wish to buy in SotaBeams on the internet is a good sota shop

Tell you what if you can operate in C/W and SSB you will be well popular as personal am mainly SSB at moment and others are mainly C/W and some are both
BUT its more contacts for you.

will be listening for you on next one 73s


I will sacrifice one of my fishingpoles then :wink:
Anyone got tips on windnoise on ssb? Should I bring a wooly sock with me? Or is it not to bad unless wind is terrible?

Wind noise make a SOTA signal authentic.



Should I bring a wooly sock with me?

Certainly! Never ignore that socks are as important for a successful activation as the massively useful towel for an interstellar hitchhiker

You can read here “Don’t forget an extra pair of dry socks” about my disastrous experience during an activation where I forgot my additional socks.

42 73 Stephan, DM1LE

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Just too point out here.

Most people work the summits even if its been worked before by themselves because its Sota and if you can hear it you will work it or at least try. My most chased and wkd summit is about 8 times.

But there are a few purist’s on here to whom I admire.
Whom only work 100% they only work the summit the one time keeping there summit score total unique.

Now there’s a challenge in its own hearing summits already worked and logged and not doing them again. WOW that I could not do so well bitten with this bug, hats off to those ladies and gents,


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Hi Henning,

I recommend that you buy a 6 meter fishing pole at Biltema or Clas Ohlson. It costs around NOK 100. I have used it in most of my activations either for supporting a linked dipole or a longwire in an inverted-L configuration. (Here you can find some pictures.) Many (most?) activators are doing the same.

Concerning windnoise, it doesn’t seem to cause (much) trouble. I have often asked chasers when the wind has been really strong if it has been any decrease in readability, but I have always got negative answers.

Good luck!

73 de LA1EBA / Hans

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