Anyone Near Faslane?

I’m curious if anyone’s QTH here is near Faslane, Scotland? I will likely find myself in the area at the end of next month assisting the U.K. sub force with some things. I may end up taking a couple days afterwards to explore and do some SOTA and some inside info might be helpful to locate some good options. It doesn’t look like there is much in Faslane proper, but maybe further to the north?


There are 43 summits within 25miles of Faslane including a few crackers such as The Arrochar Alps.

Brilliant hills!

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I was looking at Ben More and it’s neighbor, possibly.

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Ben More GM/SS-001 and Stob Binnein GM/SS-002 ?

Two fine hills.

The route up Ben More is, shall we say, a bit of an unrelenting slog of 1000 metres of ascent. It has great views though.

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Ben More: 1km up in 3km forward. 1 in 3 all the way.

Serious question: have you been hill walking in Scotland before? End of October means days getting short and it can be cold at 1000m ASL.

No, but I routinely work in -40 to -60 degree weather above the Arctic Circle. I assume the weather would not be as inhospitable as that.


Not as cold as that :slight_smile:

Scottish autumn is often cold, damp/wet and windy. Interestingly that combination can be hazardous in different ways to extreme freezing arctic weather, or even high altitude, where it is often a “dry cold”.

I am sure you will be just fine though!

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I will probably bring arc’teryx hardshell pants and jacket, as I understand the weather in October can be quite wet, along with some gore-Tex hiking boots. Any reason to bring micro spikes as well for that time of year?

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It’s the classic “it depends” answer. I’ve had roads impassable with snow in October, equally I’ve been walking up summits in a T Shirt.

The UK is “afflicted” with weather, rather than having a climate :slight_smile:

We sit at the junction of several air masses and are surrounded by sea, which can mean big swings in temperature and precipitation.

I’d definitely be prepared for snow/ice, but not be surprised if you saw none at all.

Sorry, that’s not awfully helpful!

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