Anyone heard about this new Battery Technology Research?

Some earlier background from 2014 about a breakthrough in the development of better and cheaper Batteries.
Novel Sodium-Conducting Material Could Improve Rechargeable Batteries

They do not address the issue of battery weight, but how heavy can powdered compounds be?

Here are the latest research developments shared on April 1st. Only a very serious entity can release information on that date, and be taken seriously. I think the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is one of those entities.
For Rechargeable Batteries That Crush the Competition, Crush This Material

I don’t see this technology on a summit before this decade is out, but some day.

Last time I looked a kg of powered sodium metal weighed a massive 1000g!


And on a wet day would be violently explosive! I would like to assume that in the form of a hydride with boron it will be better tempered…