Anyone for ANZAC 2016 w/e EU - VK & ZL S2S?


Last year for the ANZAC week-end Robin (G4GIY-9H3RH) and Gerard (VK2IO) proposed a very successful plan to make as many S2S contacts VK to EU as possible. Lots of us managed it - for me, the first EVER VK contacts I’d had.

This week-end is ANZAC week-end again. I know Rob is up for this and has asked VKs for their participation. He’s asked me to noise it abroad in UK and EU. This is the notification, boys and girls. It will mean early morning calls on Saturday and Sunday, as our best bet will be via LP. With poor condx the chances will not be great, especially for those of us wedded to QRP, but it’s worth a try.

I hope to be on Moel Gyw, GW/NW-053 early on Saturday and maybe Sunday. Any one else care to try for VK or ZL??
Les g0nmd (GW0NMD)

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For those wanting to see more, this is being discussed on the SOTA_Australia Yahoogroups list.

Conclusion so far is that to have a chance of an S2S EU-VK, the activators need to be on the summits by 0700 UTC on Sunday and 20m is likely to be the band to use for a long path contact.

For those who don’t know, ANZAC day (25th. April) remembers all those soldiers who lost their lives in the two world wars and particularly the first time that the Australian and New Zealad forces fought together, landing at Galipoli in Turkey, where many lives were lost. It is a very important day in Australia and New Zealand where dawn services are held around the country and at Galipoli. Partially in recognition of the days importance, Radio Amateurs in Australia may change the prefix of their call signs each year on ANZAC Day from VK to AX.

73 Ed AX2JI.


Thanks for filling in the detail.

ANZAC day is 25th April. AX callsigns are authorised for the 25th April local time, so would be heard from VK1/2/3/4/7 from 1400 UTC Sunday until 1359 UTC Monday. VK5/8 would be half an hour later, vk6 two hours later.

So while there may well be contacts occurring on Saturday and Sunday between VK and EU, AX calls won’t be heard until Monday.

73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH

Last year, good propagation between VK/ZL and EU made this a great morning out, with some great DX finding the Activators logs. If it wasn’t for other commitments, I would have been out in a heartbeat :frowning:

However, I suspect with the state of the bands, eg, SFI down to an antenna crippling 76 and K index of 3, this will be a tough gig for the for DX’ers.

Good luck guys…

Mike 2E0YYY

My apologies - of course it’s Monday - I have a wall calendar here that shows Monday to Sunday on each line and not Sunday to Saturday as I am used to!

earlier text corrected.


Hi Les,
I’ll be heading out to Canoelands VK2/SY-001 this afternoon. Will be there from around 0600z to around 0800z (sunset is 0722z). Hope to work you and Robin and as many EU stations as possible!

Gerard - VK2IO

A big Thank you to any and all who tried. I got frozen on Moel Gyw for very little result, in fact it was a real struggle to get even four contacts (my thanks to them). However, sunrise on the hill was stunning! Waking my wife at 4am was not greeted with enthusiasm (by her), but hey! “A SOTA activator’s got to do what a SOTA activator’s got to do…”

Sorry to Gerald and any other VKs and ZLs who were looking for me… I tried, but this year the propagation is nothing like 12 months ago.

Let’s hope for better things next year
Les g0nmd (how do I get pictures up on here?)

You should be able to just ‘drag and drop’ or ‘copy and paste’ directly into the edit box where you’re typing your post Les.

If you haven’t done so yet, please check your private messages on this reflector (click on your avatar at the top right of screen to see the list) - I sent instructions for one way to do this yesterday to you. Hope that helps.


Hi Les,
Thanks for getting up early - I’m sure the sunrise was worth it even if the propagation was marginal.
I had no idea you were there as the only spot from EU was HB9BIN on 40m at 0650z. A number of VKs activated with plenty of EU contacts made, just no S2S. I made only a few LP contacts due to local QRM that stopped just after sunset. I did stay until 0900z hoping for activators and ended up on 80m. First EU spot was from Robin at about 11pm local (1300z) after I arrived home.

Sorry we missed out but there will be plenty more opportunities before next year!

Gerard - VK2IO

Cheers Gerald,

It can’t go our way every time.

BTW, Rob went out to Gozo yesterday, and managed to work into ZL this morning. Look for 9H4RH if you want him, but he’ll only be running his usual 3W I guess. But that hasn’t stopped his signals in the past, nor this morning!

Hi Les,
Great to hear Robin worked ZL. Couldn’t find him on SOTAwatch so maybe it was a non-summit contact. 3W is enough as long as there is no noise at this end so that doesn’t apply at the hone QTH.
Sunday I’ll be activating a couple of summits during VK daytime. When EU long path opens near sunset I’ll be portable in a park and keen to work any EU stations that can hear me on 20m. Will be QRO which should help too.

Gerard - VK2IO