Anyone else having database problems?

I’ve logged in to the SOTA Database to log a chaser entry from yesterday. I filled in all of the details, pressed submit and got an error saying “not logged in”.
I checked my previous logs and nothing was showing up - no entries visible.
I logged out and back in and it was still the same.

Is anyone else having this problem?

The database doesn’t seem very happy right now.

I tried to add a chase as you and it failed with the same error. Wouldn’t let me add a chase as me and isn’t showing my logs. I can look up summit info however.

It will have to wait till one of us can look further, I’m at work and cannot access the servers. Not sure about Andrew @VK3ARR and Josh is asleep.


I can see what’s causing the issue, but I can’t see how it could have suddenly changed.

OK, should be fixed now. Earlier today, I added lat/long to the token that gets sent back by SSO. Now, for reasons I can’t ascertain, the SSO server decided that it should switch from sending a claim with a field called UserID to a claim called userid (lowercase).

There’s no obvious reason such a thing would occur and there’s nothing I’ve done to edit any of those fields, but I managed to work out where it was coming from and remove that - but that selection has been in place for years, so unsure why it would suddenly change (other than I added unrelated claims to the token earlier today). Anyway, logging in/out will immediately fix it, or you can wait for 5 minutes for the token to expire and a refresh of it with SSO to occur.


Thanks, it’s working fine now.
Needed to log that all important 1 chaser point before I forget!

Firefox does not open the database automatically for me, when I start it in german. (as i have it in my bookmarks)

The hint is: The certificate for expired on 2.5.2021.

I always have to confirm that I still want to open the risky page… but it does work.

73 Armin

Update your links to use the preferred URL please

However, the old link works fine for me with no warnings on FF 88.0.1 in Win10 Enterprise.

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