Anyone else have Oculus, Google Cardboard, or any other VR glasses?

I am starting to shoot some 360 degree pictures of summits that can be viewed in Google Cardboard, Oculus and many other viewers. Anyone interested?

Kent K9EZ

I have Google Cardboard and an Android 5 SmartPhone. In fact I put the glasses together two days ago as the wife wanted to know what this VR / 3-D / 360° degree thing was about.

Mixed results, including her feeling a little sick after trying them!


I have seen a report of many people being sick. As I understand it, it’s due to confusion between the visual image and the messages from the inner ear. Maybe they need to present the image within a frame, with a known reference (reality view) outside the frame as a reference point for the brain.

A little too virtual, a little too real.

Let us know how your cardboard experiment goes.

Got some for xmas, but returned them. Limited things to watch and they only last 10 minutes or so.