Anybody know QRPver radios?

Is anybody familiar with these QRP transceivers?

They are very attractively priced.

73, Barry N1EU

It looks like they are a Russian company - this (sits in the palm of your hand, its so small) model is Digital modes only and only a single frequency on a single band

but at $80 very cheap for a transciever! But it appears to need a 14.2v external supply. ??? (It also needs a computer or tablet to feed and decode the audio of course). They mention it will do FT-8 as well.- it’s purely the RF<>Audio interface in fact.


I like this one at $350:

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73 de Miro

My friend Karl just bought one and I was amazed how small it is for a 10 band hf transceiver. I’m actually now quite eager to take it out on the hill and see what it’s like. The manual says it can give up to 9 watts out on some bands with RX current drain under 150 milliamps, so it seems well optimised for QRP. Receive sensitivity is 0.5 microvolts, so not as good as some, but that doesn’t mean it won’t work fine I suppose.